Tag: Tassa powder

It is a powder which may be undetectably added to any beverage, most commonly Ka-la-na, with the result that the individual who partakes of the beverage is soon rendered unconscious.

  • “After tassa powder,” said the man

    “After tassa powder,” said the man, “a girl is often ravenously hungry. But when the girl awakens in ropes, or chains, she must wait to find out if she is…

  • “Tassa powder,” she said.

    “Tassa powder,” she said. “I put enough of it in the botas of my men to stun a kailiauk.” “How long were we unconscious?” I asked. “With tube feedings, of…

  • “Tassa powder,” said Axel

    “Tassa powder,” said Axel.I had heard of Tassa powder in my slave training. The instructresses had delightedly informed us of its properties. It is a powder which may be undetectably…

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