“That is it, Tiffany,” he said.

“That is it, Tiffany,” he said. “Stretch your limbs. Examine their fairness. Now look at the master. That is how you take a bath before a man. Will he drag you forth and have you on the slippery tiles or will he take you in the bath itself?”

“Gently, Tiffany,” said the whip master. “You are not rubbing down a tharlarion.” “Yes, Master,” I said. “Use the sponge well,” he said. “Remember that it must not only clean but caress, and do not forget, in this service, to fondle and kiss the master, humbly and lovingly.” I kissed the wet shoulder of the man in the bath, and then kissed his cheek, through the wet canvas hood drawn over his face. He moaned. He was a male slave.

“Similarly,” said the whip master, “do not forget to press your body sometimes against that of the master, sometimes seemingly inadvertently. Along these lines, for example, it is easy, seemingly accidentally, to brush his lips with a pendant breast. If his lips should part you might then press it more closely against him, begging. You might then be cuffed back in the water, but later you will doubtless be well used.”

“Good, Ruby,” said the whip master. “That is how to remove a man’s tunic. Make it a sensuous experience for him, in which you show him your slavery and your eagerness to serve. You may replace your tunic, Abdar.” “Yes, Master,” said the hooded slave. “You next, Tiffany,” said the whip master. “Yes, Master,” I said.

Kajira of Gor, p. 474-475

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