“The analogy is not perfect between the whip and more serious penalties, of course,” I said


“The analogy is not perfect between the whip and more serious penalties, of course,” I said,
“for the girl, or most girls, will presumably never experience any of the more serious penalties, such as, say, being penalty branded as a thief or liar. On the other hand, she presumably will, upon occasion, some girls more than others, as needed, have an ample bodily and mental experience of minor penalties. For example, on occasion she will probably be whipped. Indeed, some masters believe that an occasional whipping is good for a slave, that it helps her to keep in mind that she is a slave. Too, she might be occasionally subjected to various other minor penalties, usually as needed, or as thought to be beneficial, such as close chaining, the slave box, the assignment of unpleasant and repetitious tasks to her, the forcing upon her of plain or unpleasant foods, parading her through the streets naked, on a leash, and sending her on errands naked, perhaps on all fours. To be sure, such things may also be done to a girl for no particular reason, but merely at the master’s whim. She is, after all, his.”
“I understand,” she said.
“But in general it is similar with all the penalties,” I said,
“even those which are seldom, if ever, inflicted. She must know that they exist, and that, for her, they are real possibilities. She must know, whether they are inflicted upon her or not, that she is truly subject to them.”
“I understand,” she said.
“This is the sense in which she knows that anything can be done with her, that she might even be killed.”
“I understand,” she said.
“Without this,” I said, “her slavery would be incomplete. She would not be a total slave.”
“That is true,” she whispered.
“Most simply put,” I said, “she belongs to the master, fully, totally.”
“I understand,” she said.

Mercenaries of Gor, p. 632


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