The Gorean master wants his slave to be perfect.

The Gorean master wants his slave, of course, to be perfect in attentiveness, obedience, responsiveness, and such. He expects, and will have, instant and perfect compliance with his wishes. Accordingly he keeps her under a firm and perfect discipline, but a consistent discipline. The Gorean master, after a training period, is extremely unlikely to be cruel to a slave who is sincerely trying to serve and be pleasing. He finds her lovely to look upon, and excruciatingly physically desirable. She is, after all, a slave, and his.

Why should he hurt her? Why would he wish to do so? What would be the point of it? What would it accomplish? To do so, too, would be counterproductive. It would be inconsistent discipline, and would be likely to dismay and confuse her. Rather he is likely to encourage her, and to commend her when she does well.

Magicians of Gor, p. 329-330

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