The Gorean slave girl knows who she is

The Gorean slave girl knows who she is, the utter property of her master. Her condition, though abject, is honest. No one lies to her about it, not even she herself. She knows she is owned, and must do as she is told. She knows she is a woman, and must behave as one. She knows she is a slave female, and, in all things, must be female and slave. And she is female and slave. Should she forget this, punishment will remind her.

The Gorean slave girl, if nothing else, is commonly no stranger to love. She is not permitted to be. She is at man’s beck and call and, accordingly, willingly or not, will be taught love. If necessary she will learn it under the whip, writhing in chains.

The Gorean slave girl, in my opinion, is the most desirable of women. What man, I wonder, fully aroused, does not wish to own his woman. What woman, I wonder, fully aroused, helpless, does not wish to be owned. What woman, I wonder, fully aroused, helpless, is not, in fact, in the arms of her lover, owned.

Hunters of Gor, p. 320

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