The slave does not demand, she begs!

The slave does not demand, she begs; the slave is not the possessor but the possessed; she, in her smallness, her softness, her loveliness, is the quarry; she it is who is sought; it is she who surrenders, she who is vulnerably, helplessly ravished; it is she who must submit, she who will be helplessly conquered and owned; she is the slave, not the master. This is as it should be, and, shortly after coming to Gor, this is brought home to her, clearly; on Gor she finds herself restored to the antique rights of her biological heritage, and meaning.

She learns complementarity; she learns about dominance and submission, and that she is not dominant; at last, in the order of an ancient and profound nature; she becomes, perhaps for the first time in her life, a woman; she discovers herself, and, discovering herself, she comes to rejoice in the subtleties and depths of her own nature; she comes at last to understand, accept, and love what she is.

Slave Girl of Gor, p.752-753

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