The slave had asked to feel the whip

The slave had asked to feel the whip. The slave’s attitude toward the whip is to some extent ambivalent. It is, of course, a symbol of the mastery to which she is subject. That is doubtless why it is not unoften the case that she must kneel, usually naked, and kiss the whip.

This is a simple ceremony in which she expresses her submission, acknowledges her servitude, and, in effect, thanks the master for deigning to dominate and possess her. To be sure, with a new slave, this ceremony is sometimes enforced upon her, as it helps her to attain a clearer understanding of what she now is, and the nature of her new reality.

Usually, of course, the whip is regarded with trepidation, and alarm. As usually used, it punishes, and hurts. Accordingly, a slave will commonly go to great lengths to avoid its kiss. It is not pleasant to be tied and lashed.

In my personal experience I have never known a slave who habitually sought the lash. Goreans would find that incomprehensible.


Mercenaries of Gor, p. 14

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