The very sight of a female slave, particularly as they are likely to be garbed

The very sight of a female slave, particularly as they are likely to be garbed, and must move, would be likely to stun a man of Earth; nothing has prepared him to believe that such women exist; one of the things that would be most likely to startle him, if not trouble him, perhaps cause him initial discomfort until he came to understand it, and reconciled himself to it, and came to relish it, is their profound femininity;

they are true women, natural women, not artificially produced, socially engineered artifacts claimed to be “true women,” artifacts designed to promote particular political agendas;

on Earth, women are supposed to be aggressive, virile, masculine, and such, presumably to forward the power ambitions of unhappy, biologically unsuccessful women, but also, one supposes, to compensate to some extent for the biological vacuum created by the success of negativistic conditioning programs engineered to produce wide-spread male confusion, guilt, self-conflict, self-sacrifice, and devirilization, this useful for the political purposes of particular groups which intend to profit from the reduction of, and possible extirpation, of authentic, rather than surrogate, masculinity.

Slave Girl of Gor, p.649

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