There are of course a thousand thousand variations in the mastery.

There are of course a thousand thousand variations in the mastery. Sometimes more is accomplished by what is not done than by what is done. Women are different and slaves are different. Much, for example, may be done with postponement, neglect, and anticipation. Sometimes a slave becomes so distraught, even beside herself, with anticipating the inevitable that she can stand it no longer, and throws herself to her belly before her master, sobbing, and begs her usage.

“I am your slave! Please have me, Master! Ravish your slave! She is yours. Have mercy, Master! Ravish me, ravish your slave!”

Too, when a woman is not frequently and well used, such being the common practice of masters, she begins to fear that she may no longer be desired, that he is considering another slave, that she may be taken to the market. All the fears and harrows which may afflict a free woman in an ambiguous relationship are multiplied in the case of the slave, who is without recourse, other than her collar and beauty.

The free woman, for example, cannot be simply stripped and sold. Sometimes a slave will even beg the whip that she be reassured that her master still cares for her, if only enough to beat her. Slave beatings, incidentally, are quite rare, and almost always of a punitive nature.

The slave is pleased to be subject to the whip which situation is quite meaningful and excites her, but she seldom cares to feel it. So she is likely to behave in such a way that there will be little cause, or temptation, to use it on her. Why should she be beaten? She is doing her best to be a good slave, to be wholly pleasing to her master.

To be sure, sometimes the slave may be beaten to remind her that she is a slave. Few things so impress her bondage on her as the lash. Under the lash she is in no doubt that she is a slave. Interestingly, the slave, in her tears, often welcomes, and is grateful for, this confirmation of her helplessness, vulnerability, and servitude. It reassures her of that of which she wishes to be reassured, that she is a slave, the property of her master.

Rebels of Gor, p. 323

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