“There are true men in this place,” explained the girl.

“There are true men in this place,” explained the girl.
“Oh,” I said. I did not understand her remark. Did she not know that true men repudiated their natural sovereignty, forsook their manhood and conformed to prescribed stereotypes? Was she not familiar with the political definitions? I wondered then if there might not be another sort of true men, true men, like true lions, who, innocent of negativistic conditionings, simply fulfilled themselves in the way of nature.

Such men, I supposed, of course, could not exist. They, presumably, in the way of nature, would be less likely to pretend that women were the same as themselves than to simply relish them, to keep them, to dominate, to own and treasure them, perhaps like horses or dogs, or, I thought, with a shudder, women.

Kajira of Gor, p. 64

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