There is, accordingly, for all practical purposes, no escape for the Gorean slave girl

There is, accordingly, for all practical purposes, no escape for the Gorean slave girl. At best she might, at great risk to her own life, succeed in obtaining a new chaining, a new master, and one who, in view of her flight, will undoubtedly see to it that she is incarcerated in a harsher bondage than that from which she fled, to which now, under her new strictures, she is likely to look back upon longingly. Similarly the penalties for attempted escape, particularly for a second attempt, are severe, usually involving hamstringing. Only the most stupid of women dares to even think of escape, and then seldom more than once.

“Will it be necessary to bind you?” asked Marcus.
“No, Master,” she said.
“Turn about, and put your hands, wrists crossed, behind you,” he said.
He then, whipping a short length of binding fiber from his pouch, with two simple loops, and a double knot, a warrior’s capture knot, tied her hands together.
“Will it be necessary to leash you?” he asked.
“No, Master,” she said.

He then turned her about and put a leather leash collar, with its attached lead, now dangling before her, on her neck. Although I did not think that Phoebe, who was a highly intelligent girl, would be likely to attempt an escape, even if she were not bound to Marcus by chains a thousand times stronger than those of iron, the chains of love, she might be stolen. Slave girls are lovely properties, and slave theft, the stealing of beautiful female slaves, is not unknown on Gor. She tried to press against him, but he pressed her back, with one hand.

Magicians of Gor, p. 50-51

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