“We need a pass and a license,” said the young man to the guard.

“We need a pass and a license,” said the young man to the guard.

I looked at Drusus Rencius.

“The license is only a formality,” he said. “No free woman, unless a capture, may proceed beyond this point unless she is in the charge of a free man who is responsible for her and has a current license for her. This is a device to control the movements of free women in the house and a precaution against the attempted escape of slave girls pretending to be free women.”

“Here is your pass,” said the young man, handing a small disk to Drusus Rencius. It was not unlike one of the ostraka used as tickets or tokens for admission at the theater or other such events. The guard, meanwhile, was writing something down on a small, rectangular form. I had little doubt what it was. “And here,” said the young man, taking the form from the guard and handing it to Drusus Rencius, confirming my speculations, “is your license for the female.” I was a woman. Accordingly, I had to be licensed in the house of Kliomenes.
How humiliating!

Kajira of Gor, p. 210

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