“What lovely hair she has,” said the stranger.

“What lovely hair she has,” said the stranger.

It was long, dark, and glossy. Yes, the little beast was nicely pelted. As she had allegedly not been long in the collar, I gathered that it must have been much that way even in her former life. I thought it interesting that a girl who must have once been free would have had such hair. Such hair is much favored in female slaves. It was such as might have been grown to enhance the beauty of a slave, grown to increase her slave beauty, grown to interest men, grown to make her more attractive to masters. I wondered if, in some corner of her mind, she had not, even when free, longed for masters. And she now, perhaps to her consternation, and terror, knelt before them, nude and collared.

“That is, in part, why I purchased her,” said the taverner, “in the sales barn at Market of Semris.”
Market of Semris is in the vicinity of Brundisium.

Mariners of Gor, p. 30-31

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