Whereas there are bred slaves on Gor, and houses that specialize in such

Whereas there are bred slaves on Gor, and houses that specialize in such, almost all female slaves have begun their lives as free women. Once enslaved, almost absolutely, they are likely to remain slaves. Who would free them?

Indeed, it is said that only a fool frees a slave girl. Those who have owned one find little difficulty in understanding this saying. The woman freed is troublesome and dangerous, the woman enslaved is perfection. The slave girl is delicious and precious. What property can compare with her? She fulfills manhood, and is a joy to own. Too, it might be noted that the slaves on the whole come to love their collars and thrive in bondage.

It is the way they want to be, the absolute way they want to live. Indeed, it is regarded as a grievous insult to a girl, and a terrible humiliation, for her to be freed. It is like saying that she is no longer interesting enough, or desirable enough, to be kept in her collar. I suppose this might be difficult for some to understand how this could be, but then, one supposes, their culture is other than the Gorean culture.

One merely reports facts. One leaves it to others who are wiser to explain them. One thing seems clear to me, which is that the Gorean culture, for all its perils and occasional cruelties, is much closer to nature than certain other cultures. Those who do not fear nature will perhaps best understand the Gorean culture, and its viability, stability, and fulfilling aspects.

Rogue of Gor, p.75-76

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