Women on Earth are so alone, so denied.

“Women on Earth are so alone, so denied. They hear only what they should be, seldom what they are. I do not even know if there are many masters on Earth, true masters, masters who know, treasure and love women, for what they are in themselves, not for their conformance to some images alien to their deeper nature, men who so desire and lust for such creatures that they are content with nothing less than owning them, commanding them, ruthlessly dominating them, categorically mastering them, even to bonds and the switch. But some men do not want to master women but merely to hurt them, simply, it seems, for the pleasure of hurting them. I do not understand this. Is it not enough to own and master, and have the whole slave of her?

I think the culture makes them that way, that it twists them from the power and force, and the magnificence, of the mastery to smaller, more petty, less worthy concerns, and that they seek lamentable, misdirected vengeance on innocent women for the pathological society’s denial of their deepest needs.

Too, you must understand that for a woman it is not only natural, fulfilling and glorious to be a slave, but frightening, too, to know that you are owned, that you must obey, that you must please, and that you may, and will be, punished, if you are not pleasing.”

Tribesmen of Gor, p. 526

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