You have betrayed yourself, your sex, your manhood.

“You are guilty of the most heinous of treasons,” said the heavy man. “You have betrayed yourself, your sex, your manhood. You are a despicable traitor, not only to yourself but to true men, everywhere. You are an insult not only to your own manhood but to that of others. You are a sniveling coward and a weakling, worthy to be held only in the most profound of contempts.”

“A man must be strong enough to be weak,” I said. “He must be brave enough to be sweet. True men must be gentle and tender, and considerate, and solicitous, and do what women wish. That is how they prove they are true men.”
“True men give orders to women, and women obey,” said the heavy man.
“It is not what I have been taught,” I said.
“You have been taught lies,” said the heavy man. “Surely your own misery and unhappiness should tell you that.”

Fighting Slave of Gor, p. 68-69

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